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Srinagar, May 28:
We won't accept substitute solutions or dictations both from India and Pakistan(Geelani's face to face dialogue with Mr David Hamilton

Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani has once again reaffirmed that people of Jammu and Kashmir won't accept any other offer other than UN resolutions and added India in order to malign the present freedom movement, is misleading the international community. We are not against the meaningful dialogue but India does not show any readiness for that, nor is sincere, added Syed Ali Geelani. While talking to Mr David Hamilton, first secretary for political and economical affairs in Canadian embassy in Delhi, Syed Ali Geelani said that people of Jammu & Kashmir would strive for their right to self determination and won't accept substitute solutions or accept dictations both from India and Pakistan. In a face to face dialogue with Mr David Hamilton ,Syed Ali Geelani insisted that the international community should take initiative and added that forced occupations has resulted in the overall deterioration of state economy and Indian authorities are heel bent to make us dependant even for petty and ordinary things. Syed Ali Geelani in his discussion with Mr Hamilton said that it is moral obligation for the international community to help and support the just cause of Kashmiri people .When asked about the possibility of the involvement of Taliban factor in Kashmir after the pulling out of USA forcses from Afghanistan, Syed Ali Geelani categorically rejected it saying that there is no role for Taliban and added that India has started mischief and in order to justify their occupation and the atrocities they have perpetrated against the innocent people are making unnecessary hue and cry about the Taliban. They have projected the Kashmir issue as law & order, said Syed Ali Geelani and added it has been accepted at international forums but India under the garb of Taliban factor is justifying the use of state power and might and misleading the world opinion .Since 1952 both countries were involved in negotiations and till now both the countries have discussed the mutual issues more than 150 times but yielded nothing said Syed Ali Geelani. Syed Ali Geelani while hailing the role played by Pakistan, said since its inception Pakistan favoured the Kashmiri people on political and moral level and added any other solution other than the resolution adopted at United Nations won't be accepted. Rejecting the four point formula of Parvez Musharaf, Syed Ali Geelani said that it is nothing but status quo and added it is not acceptable for people of Jammu and said we have rejected it and there is no point of discussion now. Ours is a just demand and we are striving for a solution as per aspirations of people and if majority of people vote and favour India ,we will accept the peoples verdict said Syed Ali Geelani.While apprising the Canadian secretary about the historical background of Kashmir issue ,Syed Ali Geelani added that India is prowling the recourses and they have t deteriorated the state economy and resulted unemployment among youth .We have ample water recourses and electricity but all these resources are being utilised for Indian states while due to the this economical drain the state is left high and dry. Millions of hectors of land has been forcibly occupied by indian forces .Five lac labours from other states of India have been pushed in valley and this has badly affected and influenced the local social fabric and culture and increased unemployment among local artisans and workers.Indain authorities has its multidimensional progrrame to influence and distort the freedom impulse and to dilute the kashmir issue, Indian agencies have made the educational institutions their launching pad for malicious initiatives and role. They with their sinister designs are hell-bent to influence the youth and for this purpose educational system are their prime target, said Syed Ali Geelani. They with their evil intention are promoting waywardness and even drug addiction among youth is being encouraged added Syed Ali Geelani. Syed Ali Geelani while denying that they are against Amar Nath Yatra, said that we are concerned about the politics being played under its garb and the way they have extended the specified period and number of yatris is a matter of concern for us as it has badly affected the environment in the said area.

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