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July 04
Syed Ali strongly Geelani reacts to NC's statement,Says his position has always remained unambiguous.

(Srinagar):Reacting to the statement of National Conference, Huriyat on Tuesday said that their stance on Kashmir is very clear.
Commenting over the NC's release about Syed Ali Geelani's stance about his comments on Article 370 and GST, Huriyat said that Geelani's position has always remained unambiguous and clear and added they won't budge an inch or compromise for the sacrifices laid for a sacred cause.
Forced occupation is the root cause of all miseries and all other side-shoots will get resolved as soon as occupation comes to an end & soon as people's aspirations are respected, added Huriyat.
None among these pro-Indian party's figure among lesser evil and neither we feel even an iota of difference between NC, PDP and all other pro-Indian parties, said Huriyat and added that these parties legitimize the forced occupation, hence acting as pawns for their masters in Delhi.
Perks and power corridores is the sole concern for these parties and can go to any extent, added Huriyat.
Clearing stand about implementation of GST, Huriyat said that Indian authorities are pursuing their policy and trying hard to get rid of the special status of state. Blaming all pro-Indian parties for playing folly, Hurriyat said that authorities since 1947 have been taking measures to abolish the special status of state and since 1947 introduced measures to do away with this provision.
Blaming pro- Indian parties for their follies, Huriyat said that Article 370 is practically non-existent and now reduced to mere Skelton. Indra Abdullah accord proved a last nail in the coffin of article 370, said Hurriyat and added that this Article carried a provision for Prime minister and Sadr -e-Riyasat, however late Gh Mohamad Bakhshi & Late GM Sadiq paved way to abolish these provisions.
Huriyat while referring to history said that it was Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah who just for the sake of power and in accordance with Indra Abdullah Accord ignored all these provisions, shelved slogan of plebiscite and without taking into consideration the importance of nomenclatures of Sader E Riyasat and Wazir Azam, decided to get into power corridores.
Huriyat said that Indra Abdullah accord in 1975 was instrumented and all other provision were waved off and even much hyped plebiscite demand was shelved just to accomplish their greed and lust for power.
Huriyat said that post 1975 scenario was not different and these parties eroded all remains of article 370 and none among them resented these moves.
In a scathing attack on leadership of pro-Indian parties, Huriyat said that gradually, in league with Delhi and in a measured manner, without showing any resentment and with the active support of these parties all other provisions in article 370 were eroded or abolished.
Huriyat blamed National Conference for lending land to non-state subjects and said that soon after grabbing power they sanctioned land Grants Bill and made a provision to lease out land for ninety years, thus proved a last nail in the remains of this provision. The step kick started by NC proved non-stop and till now there seems to be no end to this show, said Hurriyat.
Criticizing National Conference for its dubious role and silence maintained by its leaders, Huriyat said that they extended their full support, When NHPC took control of management of State Water Resources and Hydropower Projects.
National conference didn't responded or showed any concern about Rambir Panel code and article 370 even after Indian Investigation Agency (NIA) extended their jurisdiction to state and when its sleuths arrested youth and lodged them in Tihar jail.
Denouncing the double dealing of NC, Hurriyat said that so-called God fathers of article 370 are following their hippocratic dogma and while in treasury and opposite benches their role is always contradictory and added that while in opposition they all at once become rhetoric about article 370.
They could have passed Autonomy bill while in majority and Instead, passed a resolution and Delhi without assigning any importance rejected it. It was quite scary that NC instead of raising voice, they maintained their silence.
Huriyat in a scathing attack on NC, said that let nation know who encouraged and advised and directed forces to shoot in sight and carpet bombing on Azad Kashmir.
They should come with explanation about the assassins of those 125 killed during their tenure in 2010 divulge & the details about the inducement (Supari) offered to Ashiq Bukhari a police officer, for assassination of Masarat Aalam.
We will come with details and Hurriyat has decided to come with a white paper about the role played by NC with respect to article 370, said Hurriyat.
Hurriyat in its statement lauding the role played by business community and civil societies, said that they have a greater role to play in ongoing freedom movement and are respectable for us.
However, it is our sincere submission that we should keep in mind the different aspects of these two issues viz, Kashmir and other subsidiary issues and added that we need to remain cautious and in no case Indian policy makers should take advantage or deviate us from core issue.
Huriyat said that in our previous statement we focused on this aspect and later NC in their malicious bid came with their nonsense and hypocritical statement against Syed Ali Geelani.
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