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July 03
DeM pays glowing tributes to Bahmnoo Martyrs

Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Monday paid glowing tributes to the Mujahideen who were martyred by occupational forces in Bahmnoo village of south Kashmir's Pulwama district.
In a statement, DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, said that despite unending repression and endless brutalities of Indian forces Kashmiri youth continued to stand up against illegal Indian rule. "The situation, nowadays, is worse as we witnessed three or four cordons and search operations and subsequent gun fights on daily basis. It has become a norm now as we are losing our Mujahideen brothers in large numbers," she said.
But , she added, more and more Indian repression is giving rise to more and more resistance against its illegal rule in Jammu and Kashmir, "as we have been witnessing whenever one of our Mujahideen brother is martyred, scores others join the armed struggle against this dirty occupation. This is an indication that Kashmir will soon be free and this occupation and barbarism of India and its forces will come to an end."
She further said that apart from the Mujahideen the resistance shown by the common masses of Kashmir is commendable. "Like our brave Mujahideen we must also acknowledge and appreciate how the common Kashmiris risk their own lives and rush to the encounter sites to help their Mujahideen brethren."
Nasreen further said that the Mujahideen who get trapped in these encounters prefer to achieve martyrdom rather than surrendering before these forces of evil. "Achieving martyrdom is the highest reward sought by our Mujahideen and they prefer to lay their lives for the dignity and rights of their oppressed Kashmiri Muslims. They die but do not bow before the oppression and the oppressors," she added.
Meanwhile, Nasreen further condemned the detention and continuous crackdown on pro-resistance leadership across Kashmir. She said that the party chairperson, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi and her personal secretary, Sofi Fehmeeda, have been languishing in Amphalla jail, Jammu since April 26. "Despite being critically ill both these women leaders have been continuously kept under illegal detention for the past three months. "Syedah Asiyeh Andrabi Sahiba was lodged in the jail while the doctor had advised her to be admitted in a critical care unit of a hospital. Instead this puppet and insensitive government shifted her to Jammu jail," she said.
"Both Andrabi Sahiba and Fehmeeda are facing hardships due to extremely hot weather and poor health conditions."
She further said that jail authorities aren't allowing their relatives to meet them properly. "Those who are allowed say that Baji Sahiba and Fehmeeda are kept behind bars making the meetings useless. It is actually a sinister tactic to harm them physically as well as emotionally."
She said that the puppet government despite making Andrabi Sahiba and Fehmeeda suffer so much are neither shifting them to Srinagar nor releasing them. "This is not only insensitive but inhuman as well."
"But this sacrifice of Kashmiri leaders of being continuously jailed and the martyrdom of our youth on daily basis will be, InshaAllah, rewarded soon by the Almighty Allah and very soon we will witness the dawn of freedom."
She strongly condemned the desecration of the bodies of the Mujahideen by the occupational forces after the gunfights at several places. "This actually links us to the companions of the Prophet Mohammad SAW. We all know how body of Hazrat Hamzah RA was desecrated by the infidels after he achieved martyrdom. Such a treatment of the martyrs' bodies will only invoke highest rewards from the Almighty Allah in the hereafter. Such martyrs will be revered and rewarded more by the Supreme Being and their sacrifices will never go waste," she added.
"She further said that people of Kashmir are struggling for the rule of Allah SWT and for the freedom of Jammu and Kashmir from brutal and illegal Indian occupation. By no means, Kashmiris will be bogged down or be afraid of Indian brutalities but will continue their resistance till the end of this occupation."
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